With No Food And No Freedom, These Animals Were Left To Die At An Abandoned Zoo!

In Colón, Argentina lay a zoo right next to a busy soccer field. And while animals inhabited this zoo, there were no humans around. As it turned out, this zoo had been abandoned and the animals were left to their own devices.

These animals had been locked in cages and completely forgotten. They were given no love, no room to move, and no food! And while rescue organizations wanted to aid these helpless creatures, they were stuck. There were a lot of different negotiations that needed to be made, so while the animals in the zoo were left to fend for themselves, the human rescuers were at a standstill.

Finally, after two long years, lots of planning, and even more negotiations, rescuers were given the opportunity to save these beautiful creatures. And they wasted no time in doing so. The rescuers went off to the zoo and went straight to work. Their first tasks… gain these animals’ trust.

YouTube- The Dodo

At first the animals were nervous. Just from the video below, the doubt these animals were feeling was visible on their faces and the way they held themselves. But as they began to realize that they were actually being saved, each animal quickly took to the idea of freedom. But freedom from their cages wasn’t the only thing they were given that day. In addition to finally being free, the animals were thoroughly fed, and finally show affection. For the fist time in a while, these abandoned animals had food to eat, they had love to give, and they had their freedom!
YouTube- The Dodo