Though The Cancer May Come Back, This Adorable Boxer Is Living Her Life With Hope.

Abby is an adorable boxer that was brought to Vet Ranch because she had a large mass on her mammary region. According to Dr. Matt, mammary cancer is prevalent in boxers, especially in those that hadn’t been spayed. His first course of action was to spay Abby and then remove her mass and send it off for testing.

As Dr. Matt and his team started prepping Abby for her surgery, they noticed something that would put a kink in their plans. It turned out that Abby had already been spayed. No longer needing to do that surgery, Dr. Matt and his trusty team continued to prep Abby in order to remove the mass. In addition to their surgery prep, they also took x-rays of Abby to make sure she didn’t have any sort of urinary track infection. And while her bladder was clear, her spinal cord was another story entirely. Apparently, bones had begun fusing together in Abby’s back in what Dr. Matt thinks is a case of arthritis. There isn’t any treatment for it and since she wasn’t in any pain from it, Dr. Matt decided to move on to removing her tumor.

YouTube- Vet Ranch

After putting Abby under anesthesia, Dr. Matt was easily able to remove the large mass from this sweet little boxer. Once he was finished, he sent it off to be tested wit the hope that the tumor would be benign. And in a measly two weeks, Abby was healed from surgery! In that time Dr. Matt learned that, unfortunately, Abby’s tumor was cancerous. His hope is that they caught it in time and were able to remove the tumor before the cancer spread. They have no way of knowing for sure unless the cancer comes back. In the meantime, Abby is living a happy life and is enjoying her time with her foster family.