This Sassy French Bulldog May Be Tiny, But He Is Easily Top Dog In His House Hold!


I cannot get over how cute this tiny French Bulldog is! His name is… wait for it… Boss Swagger! Such a big name for such a tiny pooch, but he definitely lives up to it. This adorable creature is super sassy and he knows it! He loves to flaunt it in front of his foster siblings and, lovingly, boss them around (apparently, he leaves his larger siblings alone).

YouTube- The Dodo

This tiny French Bulldog has a bark that is just as tiny as he is. And it, honestly, adds to his cuteness. And while this tiny pup is happy as a clam, that wasn’t always the case. He was born with a slew of deformities and conditions such as a cleft palate, hydrocephalus, and a lung infection. His health issues are all thanks to bad breeding. Though he had a bit of difficult start, Boss Swagger is now provided with all the love and affection he could ever ask for courtesy of his foster mom. His foster mom is doing all that she can to help Boss overcome his health issues so that he can continue playing and bossing around his foster siblings.
YouTube- The Dodo

Thanks to his awesome foster mom, Boss is the happy pooch he was always destined to be. He happily enjoys his time with his foster family and despite all the ‘bossing around,’ he truly loves his foster siblings. He enjoys playing with them in any way that he can. Whether that be cuddling, tail nipping, or play wrestling, Boss just loves to spend his time with his siblings. This sassy puppy has a long and happy life ahead of him and it’s all thanks to the family that allowed him the chance to truly be himself… even if he is a bit bossy!