This Pup Was Abandoned And Just Wanted To Stay Dry From The Rain… Her Rescue Saved Her Life!

This pup was doing anything she could to survive while living on the streets. She was all alone and had taken to wedging herself between a wall and fence for shelter. This is where police officers found her on one rainy day.

After searching for a stray pup and not finding anything, the officers were about to give up the search. Thankfully, they eventually spotted the abandoned pup. In an attempt to stay dry, she had wedged herself into her hiding spot! But that didn’t deter the officers that found her. Instead, they were easily able to lead the shy pooch from her corner and straight to safety.

The pup was taken to a vet for a check up and initially, it looked like the pup was fine. A bit shy at first, but overall, the vet thought she was healthy and affectionate! Unfortunately, that was not the case. Unexpectedly, the pup’s body began to swell and she had to be rushed into an emergency surgery. It turns out that this loving yet timid pup had suffered a miscarriage. After having the operation she desperately needed, the, once abandoned, pup quickly recovered and was given a clean bill of health.

YouTube- The Dodo

Since being rescued, this pup’s life has improved. She was given shelter, the medical help she desperately needed, and a chance at having a loving home. But before a forever home could be found, the pup spent some quality time with a trainer. She spent her time with the trainer learning how to have fun and all the ‘tricks of the trade’ she needed to know in preparation for going to a new home.
YouTube- The Dodo