This Pup Was Found Injured On A Highway! Rushed To Emergency Care, Her Swift Recovery Is Amazing!

Coral is an adorable little puppy that, when she was around eight-weeks-old, was found on the side of a highway in the middle of the night. She had quite a few injuries and Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch believes that the pup had been hit by a car. Before being brought to Vet Ranch for some much needed treatment, Coral was taken to an emergency animal hospital in Dallas, Texas after she had been found. The animal hospital made the decision to send Coral to Vet Ranch so she could receive the treatments she desperately needed.

Upon first look, Coral is just a content pup with a bit of a limp. When Dr. Karri takes a closer look she discovers that the poor pup’s back leg is swollen and fractured. In addition to the injured hind leg, Dr. Karri notes that one side of Coral’s abdomen is swollen; she believes that this may just be from the trauma of being run over, but it could also be a sign of a developing hernia. The only way to know is to just keep an eye on it and perform exploratory surgery when Coral is up for it. In the mean time, Dr. Karri puts Coral on an antibiotic and pain medication.

YouTube- Vet Ranch

While waiting to perform Coral’s surgery, the first thing Dr. Karri does is test for any parasites. Unfortunately, Coral did have worms, but thankfully, it’s easily treatable. The next thing Dr. Karri decided to tackle was Coral’s injured leg. After looking at the x-rays, it seemed that Coral was going to need pins in her leg to help the fracture heal. Not wanting Coral to have two separate surgeries, Dr. Karri makes the decision to have Coral undergo both surgeries at once. While they wait for their guest surgeon, Dr. Lavender, to arrive, they decided to set Coral’s fracture to aid the healing process.
YouTube- Vet Ranch

Once Dr. Lavender arrived it was time for Coral’s surgery. During the first surgery, Dr. Lavender easily inserted the pins needed to help Coral’s fractured leg heal. And during the exploratory surgery, it was discovered that Coral did not have a hernia after all. Instead, she had a hematoma (for those that don’t know, it is swollen clotted blood tissue), which, thankfully, was easily fixed.

A mere four weeks after surgery and Coral was doing great. Her leg was pretty much healed and she was back to putting weight on it and the swelling in her stomach had significantly decreased. According to Dr. Karri, the swelling will continue to shrink as Coral grows, leaving this pup to live a normal and happy life! And while her recovery was swift, the best part of this whole video was that Coral was deemed a “foster fail,” aka her foster family decided to adopt her! She now has a forever home and has been given the chance to be the rambunctious, fun-loving pup she was always meant to be!