If You Come Across A Lonely Fawn… Not Everything Is Always As It Seems

If you live in an area that has frequent deer sightings, chances are, you may have encountered a lonely fawn. Now, when seeing a fawn (aka baby deer) all by its lonesome your first reaction may be to immediately provide assistance. That would seem like the right thing to do, right? Well, according to the video below, that is not the case.

Apparently, when a fawn is left by itself that doesn’t always mean the mother had rejected it, which is usually what we all assume. Chances are, the mother is actually nearby, watching over the fawn while also acting as a distraction for any potential predators, who knew? This video created by The Dodo provides a bunch of helpful tips on what to do if you ever find a fawn in your yard.

YouTube- The Dodo

The first rule of thumb, the one that is stressed the most throughout the video, is to never touch the fawn. Mamma deer is either watching or close by. If the fawn looks comfy and is sleeping that means it is healthy, so the chance that they were abandoned is slim. The next thing this video instructs is that if the fawn is injured or crying (and the mother hasn’t returned), you should call a wildlife rehabber for help and keep your hands off the fawn while doing so.
YouTube- The Dodo

The video stresses that you should wait for the experts instead of trying to do anything yourself. Those that do this kind of thing for a living are properly trained in how to handle the fawn. The first thing they do is try to get the mom’s attention and if that doesn’t work, they finally intervene. They bring the fawn to safety and help it grow strong before releasing it back into the wild where it belongs. So please, if you ever find a fawn that you think may be abandoned, call for help instead of trying to play the hero.