This Pup’s Eye Was Beyond Repair and Needed Immediate Treatment


Finley is an adorable pup that was brought to Vet Ranch because his eye had ruptured. According to Dr. Matt, Finley’s eye had been swollen and then completely popped out. After giving the pup a dose of anesthesia, Dr. Matt was able to take a closer look at Finley’s eye. Unfortunately, his eye was too far gone. The white of his eye was completely inflamed and there was a hole where his iris belonged. In addition to the damage, the eye was also infected. The best option for poor little Finley was to have his eye removed.

YouTube- Vet Ranch

Finley’s eye surgery was a success. Dr. Matt was able to remove the infected eye and stitch it close. And just a mere two weeks after his surgery, Finley was doing much better. His eye was healing up so well that Dr. Matt was able to remove Finley’s stitches. And Finley was on his way to a full recovery.
YouTube- Vet Ranch

After a quick and speedy recovery, lasting a total of 3 ½ weeks, Dr. Matt proudly announced that Finely was given a clean bill of health! Just in time too, because Finley was already adopted and his new parents are ready to welcome him to his forever home. And while Dr. Matt may never know exactly what caused Finley’s eye to rupture, it doesn’t bother Finley one bit. The lack of one eye doesn’t put a damper on Finley’s mood. Instead, he acts as if nothing is missing. He runs and plays happily like all pups should… like he deserves.