After Breaking His Back, This Man Gets Help From The Very Animal That Injured Him!


We’ve all heard of therapy animals and service animals. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are trained to help their owners for various reasons. Well, what about a horse? This horse is aiding a man with a broken back that he sustained while on horseback riding (oh, the irony!). To be fair, this horse isn’t exactly a therapy or service horse. Instead, this horse just happens to be helping his injured friend heal (it truly is beautiful to watch).

YouTube- The Dodo

This man (he looks a bit like a cowboy) was injured in a horseback riding accident last year. He broke his back in two places and uses, what looks like, a standing wheelchair to help him get around. This man is determined to not let his injuries get the best of him. Instead, he spends his days out in the horse pens where he leads his horse around the corral by the reins. The truly amazing part of this whole story is that the horse helping him heal, is the very horse he was riding when he was injured. Talk about facing things head on.
YouTube- The Dodo

While this horse just happens to be the horse from the accident, it doesn’t mean he can’t help his owner heal. Accidents happen and I’m sure the horse didn’t do anything on purpose. This video, honestly, just shows how in-tune animals can be with their owners. This horse knows something isn’t right with his owner. He knows his owner is hurting, so he does what he can to help his owner. Hopefully, with the help of his trusty steed (pardon my pun), this man will be able to ride once more.