Admit It! You’ve Definitely Had These Strange Conversations With Your Pet Before!

In the quiet confines of your home, have you ever talked to your dog? Now, when I say talk, I don’t mean commands or calls. I mean full conversations. I’m sure any dog owner (any pet owner, really) will admit to having full-blown conversations with their pups! In general, pets are great to talk to. Whether it’s cute little tidbits or meaningful conversations, your pet is the best listener (mostly because they can’t talk back). In this video, BuzzFeed has exposed us pet owners by posting a segment of true, yet slightly odd, conversations you have with your dog!

Can I just point out that this video is absolutely adorable? Because it is! And I just can’t stop the urge to play this on repeat to brighten up my day. That is mostly because Bean is such a cutie and watching that little pup is sure to bring a smile to your face. But the other reason is because, at one point or another, I can honestly say I’ve had the majority of these conversations with my own pup! And I’m sure all you dog lovers out there have, at one point or another, these exact conversations as well. The one about thunder is especially true (my pup, like most, is terrified of loud noises)!

YouTube- BuzzFeed

Ned, the human, and the adorable Bean did a great job at portraying the surprisingly accurate conversations humans have with their dogs (or pets in general). And while the conversations in this BuzzFeed video are funny, the thing that kept me going back was that cute little pup, Bean!