This Pup Was Severely Injured, Yet So Determined That He Literally Dragged Himself Toward Help!


This poor pup suffered from injuries sustained after a car had hit him. This pup was all by his lonesome, with no help in sight. But despite having no one to turn to and his hind legs being so badly injured that he couldn’t walk, this pup did not give up hope. Instead, he used his front paws to drag himself toward where he thought he could find help. After a bit of searching a lot of yelping, this determined pup found help in the form of animal rescuers. Once the rescuers spotted the injured pup, they immediately rushed the pup to the clinic for some much needed aid.

YouTube- AnimalSTEP Official

At the clinic the on-site veterinarian to x-rays and performed a slew of tests. The results were that, in addition to his broken legs, the pup had developed wounds from dragging himself through the streets. Thankfully, the prognosis wasn’t too terrible. Besides the wounds and the bones in his legs being completely broken, the pup looked relatively healthy. The vet decided the damage was treatable and that there would be no need for the pup to lose his legs.
YouTube- AnimalSTEP Official

After a five-month recovery time that included IVs and lots of physical therapy, this determined pup was able to walk again easily! He is now back to acting like the energetic pup he always was and is happily living in a forever home with his new family!