Rejected At Birth, This Rhino Now Lives At A Sanctuary And Has A Thing For Something Unexpected


At a game reserve in South Africa, a rhino calf was born and almost immediately the staff knew something was wrong. Not long after the calf was born, the staff at this South African reserve noticed that the mother rhino refused to feed the newborn any milk. They realized then that the mother had rejected her new baby. Wanting to give this adorable newborn a chance at life, the staff contacted a rhino sanctuary, Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, in Sonpark, South Africa. The sanctuary didn’t hesitate for a second. They immediately enacted a rescue plan. They were quick and efficient in rescuing this baby rhino. It was a mere day after her birth that this baby rhino arrived at her new home.

YouTube- The Dodo

Mark Mills, from the Monarto Zoo in Australia, was at the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary for a six-month work placement when this baby rhino was brought in. The rhino calf was having difficulties settling in, so Mark Mill decided to try his hand. He grabbed a guitar and began playing a few soft chords. Within seconds, the calf began to calm down. His playing acted as the ultimate lullaby for this calf, because after just a few moments, she curled up next to Mark for a nap! And according to the sanctuary, now any time Mark begins to play the guitar, the adorable rhino goes straight to sleep!
YouTube- The Dodo

And while the sanctuary doesn’t know why the mother rhino rejected her calf, they do know that this adorable rhino calf will grow up to be the strong and happy creature she was always meant to be… she’ll just have a thing for lullabies.