This Quirky Pit Bull May Be Small In Stature, But She Is Big At Heart!


Sassy is a Pit Bull that suffers from the effects of bad breeding. This led her to being abandoned by her breeder because of her looks and her disabilities. Thankfully, after she was abandoned, a man named Ernesto stumbled upon her and saw beyond appearances. He fell completely in love with Sassy just the way she is. He doesn’t see her disabilities as a hindrance; instead, they are what make Sassy the unique pup that she is. Ernesto knew that he needed to the one to provide this special pup with a forever home, so he did.

YouTube- The Dodo

What makes Sassy so different from other Pit Bulls, and other dogs in general, is that she was born with dwarfism. In addition to dwarfism, Sassy has a bad case of hip dysplasia, bent legs, underdeveloped paws, and something called flipper feet. When Ernesto first took Sassy home, many people told him that Sassy would not have a very long life. They claimed that, if they were lucky, Sassy would live until she was three-years-old. Well, Sassy proved all those people wrong. She is currently five-years-old and going strong!
YouTube- The Dodo

Sassy doesn’t recognize the fact that she is different. According to Ernesto, in Sassy’s mind she is just like any other dog on the street. She loves to play, run around, and just have fun like any other pup. She especially loves big dogs. It’s almost as if she knows that she was meant to be a big dog, because she loves to act like on and play with them. There isn’t anything Sassy can’t handle and it is all thanks to her determination and the all the support she receives from her loving dad.