This Vet Calms His Patients In A Peculiar Way That’s Going Viral


Ross Henderson is a veterinarian who likes to make his patients feel at home. To do so… he serenades them! Yes, you did read that right. Ross has two passions in his life! One is his love for animals. From when he was just a young child, Ross always knew he wanted to be a veterinarian (just like his dad)! His other passion… if you guessed music, you guessed right! According to Ross, as he was getting older and had to make a decision on which path to follow, he was struggling. He couldn’t make a decision between his love of music and his childhood dream. So instead of choosing one over the other, Ross decided to do both.

YouTube- The Dodo

Ross now works at his dad’s veterinarian practice, alongside his brother, and sings to his patients whenever they are nervous, scared, or overly excited. He believes that animals are familiar with music because they hear it in their homes, so by playing for them, he is bringing them a little bit of home while they receive treatment. It seems to be working, so he must be doing something right!
YouTube- The Dodo

When his patients need calming before a surgery or they just feel jittery or nervous because they are out of their element, Ross prescribes then a song! He pulls out his guitar (and rocks some shades), gets down on the floor with them, and begins to play whatever comes to mind. His patients really do seem to enjoy it! Guess that just means, sometimes the best medicine of all is a song.