Despite Being Plagued With Deformities, Tucker Never Stops Moving Forward!


Tucker is a special needs pup that never stops going. He’s albino and has a rare genetic disorder that causes a whole bunch of deformities. Deformities that make it difficult for him to get around. But this little pup is always thinking. To move around Tucker crawls on all four paws, or he gets inventive and uses anything he can find to move swiftly around his home. For example, he has taken to riding an automatic vacuum cleaner around his home!

YouTube- The Dodo

Tucker doesn’t let anything stop him. Not even his sensitive vision. Instead of letting his sensitive eyes get him down, Tucker has taken to wearing protective goggles that resemble sunglasses. The image of him crawling around while wearing his blue protective goggles is absolutely too adorable to pass up! The image alone will bring a smile to your face.
YouTube- The Dodo

Despite the difficulties he faces, Tucker looks as if he is the happiest pup in the world. A lot of that is thanks to his loving momma. His human momma adores him. She provides him with all the love, affection, and yummy treats he could ever ask for. She doesn’t treat him as if he is different; instead she treats him like any other pup. She lets him run, play, and even harass the mailman (apparently, barking at the mailman is one of his favorite things to do). And while he loves to run around and play, he enjoys his cuddle time with his momma just as much! With all that love, it’s not hard to see why this pup is always smiling!