His Owner Left Him To Die, But A Petition Saved This Donkey’s Life!

On the streets of Segorbe, Spain, a donkey, now named Vida, collapsed from exhaustion. His owner, who had treated him terribly, had left him on the streets to die. Despite this horrible mistreatment, somehow Vida wound up back with his owner. When local police officers went to investigate the owner’s home, they discovered that, in addition to mistreating Vida, the man also owned a dog that he mistreated as well. Thankfully, authorities were able to whisk the poor pup to safety. Vida was not as lucky.

YouTube- The Dodo

Vida’s hope of being rescued came in the form of a kind soul that felt Vida was just as deserving of a happy life. The kind person contacted a rescue organization, El Refugio del Burrito, for help. The organization, at first, made attempts to rescue Vida by going through local authorities and the local animal welfare office. Neither attempt worked, so they tried something a bit different. The rescuers at RBD (El Refugio del Burrito) took to the Internet in an attempt to save Vida’s life. They started a petition on change.org and were able to get the support of over 12,000 people. With the overwhelming amount of people backing their attempts at saving Vida, the people at RBD were able to get Vida’s case pushed through at the local courts.

With the local court finally behind Vida’s rescue mission, rescuers set out to bring Vida to safety. And despite the owner putting up a fight, rescuers from RBD were finally able to whisk Vida off to safety. They immediately took Vida for a check up and discovered that, not only was he exhausted, he was also severely malnourished and injured.

YouTube- The Dodo

Vida was immediately given treatment for his various ailments. His hooves were shaved to get rid of an infection, he was given food, and intravenously hydrated. Once it looked like Vida was on the mend, he was sent to a foster home until he gained the strength to be transported to his final home, a donkey sanctuary. At the sanctuary, Vida will live a happy and safe life surrounded by donkeys that were saved, just like him!